Smooth Dev Saturday Stream Kit

As I get to start streaming, I wanted to share my kit resource with you just in case you want to consider starting. This post will be short as I am just going to highlight my tools. Software and Web Services Software OBS – Open Broadcaster Software PowerPoint for slide designs (I use ideas a […]

Smooth Dev Saturdays Coming Up

Hello friends, been quite some time since I wrote – I must say I’ve been so busy and not-so-dedicated to writing. But hey, I got good news – I will be starting a new livestream series from January 2020 titled Smooth Dev Saturday. I’m doing this to actively commit to doing something fun at least […]

ASP.NET Core Unified Build and Release

In this post, I will be showing us how to setup an ASP.NET Core application to use Azure DevOps Unified Build and Release using the YAML spec.

First step is to have my existing ASP.NET Core application. You can do a quick setup of this with

The C# Developer Path

In this post, I outline the learning and skill paths available to C# Beginners and possibly links to get started. Most beginner developers ask me – hey Dara, after learning this C#, what can I do with it?

Application Analytics with App Center

Many times, we talk about DevOps – we get lost in the buzz of automated release, containers, microservices and all that. In my circle, there seems to be little focus on analytics of applications…

ReactJS Unified Build and Release

I described how to setup a build pipeline for React JS in Azure DevOps. In the past few weeks, there has been changes to Azure App Service, so there are a few changes to configurations you must make.

Microsoft Learning Resources

There a tons of learning resources available – some free, some paid.I will be sharing some that I know of in the circle I roll – Microsoft Tech. Disclaimer: These are my points of view and are in no way official.

I write my mobile apps with Xamarin

I first heard about Xamarin in 2014 after I returned from the WW MSP Summit in Seattle. At that time, I was a core Windows Platforms programmer – Windows Desktop with WPF and Windows Phone.

Why I write C#

I have been writing C# now for about 8 years and most of the questions I get is “Hey Dara, why do you write C#, why not JS or PHP?” Truth is well, I can write Alert(“Hello World); in JavaScript and whatever…

Basic Web Application Security

As a developer for some years, I have seen and written quite a number of applications – web, mobile, cloud and AI apps. I can tell you I have written some cool ones and some really bad ones.