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Dara Oladapo

Developer Technologies MVP, Tech Trainer (MCT), Dev & Cloud Advocate, Azure Certified Azure Developer, Azure Administrator, DevOps Engineer, M365 Developer, Youtuber and Podcaster.

Dara Oladapo

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I make computers do the biddings of humans and teach others to do the same. When I'm not doing that, I enjoy time with family and music. I occasionally write about I make this happen on my blog, sometimes make videos on how I do this and invite others to talk about it on my podcast.

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Tech meets Music

As I am a techie, I also enjoy music. I have been a saxophonist since 2009. I also play the flute.I have a YouTube channel where I share all these.Check them out here.

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Dara Oladapo

Let us talk about the intersection of Software Development, IT Operations and Security today. The usual DevOps cycle goes like below. Read about DevOps for

Dara Oladapo

It is no doubt that software and computers have come to be part of our everyday lives. There is an ever growing need to develop quality, efficient and robust solutions every day to meet the growing needs of customers.

Dara Oladapo

As you may know, I make videos on YouTube (and TikTok) and I stream (although that has been on break for a while). A lot

Dara Oladapo

I am grateful for God – yes. He is the source of everything I am and all I do. All I do is to promote his goodness and bring others to the light of salvation through Jesus Christ.