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What I do

Summary of how I spend my 24*7*365.25

Dev, Training and Geek Stuff

I spend a great deal of my day typing lines of code on my laptop(s) using as many screens as my hands and wires find cnnnectivity to. My top passion is to build solutions to make life easier for all. I deliver technical training sessions and I love to talk tech always.

Saxophone, Jazz, Gospel

Putting all that geek stuff aside, what do you think I do to unwind? Sleeping? No. I treat myself to some cool smooth jazz and gospel tunes. When I'm not listening, I play my saxophone in honor to God, sometimes my flute too. I have been a saxophonist since 2009 and it's fun.

Other things

No music, no tech, no laptop. I enjoy writing, drawing, catching a view of nature, taking pictures of beautiful nature and spending time with my people. You can basically ask me any question that is non-tech or music related, I will try to answer your questions and have a chat.

My thoughts

3 Simple things I live by


Our life is God's gift to us. What we decide to do with it speaks a lot of what/who we beleve in.



There is always a simple way to make things work. Things are not supposed to be hard if we all see things in a simple way.



When there is an opportunity to learn, learn all you can while you can. You never know when that learning will be applicable for you to excel.

Dara Oladapo

Dara Oladapo


About Dara

Dara is a Microsoft Certified Professional, .NET Developer with special interests in Windows, Xamarin and Azure. Dara enjoys talking about technology and development platforms. Dara’s passion is to build the next generation of technical geniuses.

He studied Computer Science at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). During his time at FUTA, he was a Microsoft Student Partner and participated in numerous software competitions with his team and won the major national software competitions. Part of them is the ISPON National Software Competition, iDEA Hackathon, NICTED Software Competition amongst many others.

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