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June 1, 2021, I got an email welcoming me to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Community. I had submitted some entries after I got nominated by another MVP – Seyi Oluwawumiju.

The Microsoft MVP Award looks to find individuals who make active contribution to the community of the technology they use every day. Let me paint it this way – I am a programmer who loves C#, I teach C#, I make videos and blog posts about C#, I contribute to C# docs, forums and events, I give conference talks on C#, Microsoft or another MVP sees the things I do and recommends me for the award. Microsoft says thank with the award and some token of appreciation which includes a physical award shipped to me.

Watch the unboxing video: MVP Award Unboxing – YouTube

Thanks for Microsoft for this award and recognition of my work in the community and special thanks to my wife for giving me that free time to do things beyond just my 9-5.

The Process

The process of becoming an MVP can be seen on the MVP website, but I will summarize it here based on my personal experience.

The Benefits

There are more benefits than I can mention as I am still discovering the benefits as they roll in.

The Future

As the saying goes, the reward for good work is more work, the MVP award is not the end, it is a morale boost to do more. I would do more for the community – more videos, blog posts, talks, podcasts and docs and meetups.

MVP Award on desk picture

And now that I’m getting older, I am learning to balance time between community work, family and my actual 9-5. That means planning content rollout and positioning them to come out at the right time and meet community needs.

Cheers to the future!

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