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Full stack .NET Development Guide

Many folks have been asking me why I remain a .NET Developer with all buzz and popularity around other ecosystems, languages, and frameworks especially among my peers. My answer to them is and has remained that .NET is a pretty solid ecosystem and well so far, have not failed me yet.

My First NUGET Package

Let me bring you up to speed on one of them. As you know I’m a developer. “Copy and Paste” is one of those things we developers do a lot. I realized I have been doing some repetitive Copy and Paste of the same bundle of code over the last 2 years, so I decided to package that up and make it available primarily for myself and then to other developers.

SDS-011- Setting up for Remote Work

On this episode of Smooth Dev Saturday, I share my home office setup, some tips about working from home (or any remote site) in times like this.