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WordPress in Azure with Project Nami

Traditional WordPress on Azure

I have been a lover of WordPress for 4years+ and I was glad to start blogging when a friend asked to write a post on what I love about the Windows Phone in 2013. Then I had a Nokia Lumia 610 and I was a Microsoft Student Partner.

With the new features being added to Microsoft Azure every day. One of the coolest things for me is WebApps and the flexibility to use many Content Management Services.

Traditional WordPress site deployment in Azure will only allow you create ONE WordPress site per account (except you want to purchase more MySQL Licenses from ClearDB).

This link tells you some bottlenecks with traditional WordPress in Azure.

Note: To Create a WordPress site in Azure.

First, Login at https://portal.azure.com

Then the following Steps>>

New (+)>Web+Mobile>[See All]>WordPress>Create

After that, put in the details for your WordPress site and after some seconds, your site should be up….

PS: I wouldn’t go that route anymore

I’m here to discuss solutions, why don’t we get started?

Project Nami to the RESCUE

Before we get started…

  • Be logged to your Azure Portal on a tab
  • Be sure you are ready to this (Don’t be scared…it’s not a scary process)

Let’s Go

On your open tab, visit projectnami.org

I would have told you to search for Project Nami from the Azure portal (but I had issues when I was trying mine-not sure if the issue has been fixed). Since this method I want to show you works, why not let’s use it.

Once the page loads, you should get a screen that shows a page with the picture up there as part of it (It could have changed since the time of publishing this).

Click on Download Now

Then click on Deploy to Azure

You should see the following screen, fill in the information needed and off you go.

3 Basic Steps and you will be able to start Blogging….

This should be done in about 3-5 minutes…

Now that we are done deploying…

Clicking on ‘Manage’ will take you into your Azure Portal where you can set up Custom Domains (by the way, you can purchase a domain from inside Azure)

I hope I can make a video on this soon.

Clicking on the url…..azurewebsites.net will take you to do the usual WordPress configuration routine.

I hope you enjoyed this post…

If you do, please share and let me know what more posts I can write or questions you have.


Dara Oladapo

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