Dara Oladapo

What is so cool about the Windows Phone?

Telecommunications so far at this age has experienced tremendous and speedy development. As we know and have read how telecommunications came to be from the times of Sir Alexander Graham Bell, who invented an instrument for communication. This was the first formal documentation of telecommunications.

The purpose of this write-up is to compare the Microsoft Windows Phone platform with other mobile operating systems and tell you what makes it a cool stuff.

I personally use a Nokia Lumia 610 presently; this is my first real smartphone. Being a low-end smartphone, there are some incompatibility issues though. But right now, it’s not about the device mainly, it’s about the platform

I got my Windows Phone in December 2012, after an attempt to get an android tablet for around the price I got my phone.

I have used a number of phones before then, my first phone was a Nokia 1110 (yellow screen) then a Sagem MyX3-2, then a Nokia 6120c. I from that kinda downgraded to Nokia 1280, then moved up a bit to Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, on to Nokia Asha 202 and then a Blackberry Curve 8520. Presently on Nokia Lumia 610.

I must indeed tell you; I have been enjoying the phone.

Now to the basic cool stuffs of my Windows Phone.

  • Live tiles: makes you see what is important to you as you like to see it. You can also pin your important apps here.
  • Camera: a windows phone comes with at least a 5.0MP camera with flash and auto-focus
  • People hub:
    • You get to see all your contacts from everywhere in one place (Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Nokia Mail, Outlook, and other customized networks)
    • You get to see the recent updates of all your contacts (from those listed above) in one place.
    • Your most recent contacts also get shown in the hub
  • Me hub:
    • You get to update your status to any social network from there without the stress of logging in to them all in your browser
    • You also get to see your latest posts in one place
    • You get your notifications without needing to open your browser
  • Messaging: one of the coolest features of the phone, as you can chat directly on Facebook with your messaging app on the phone. Messages show in thread view which make you see all message from/to a sender/recipient in one place
  • Internet Explorer: the rich powerful features of internet explorer 10, fluid interface and beautiful navigation scheme that makes you able to choose between mobile view and desktop view. Not to leave out the smart history records and cookie collection (if you so like it)
  • Calendar: another so cool features of the windows phone that you might want to make it yours. Once your accounts are setup, your calendar (from all accounts) gets synchronized to your phone and show on your lock screen, so you don’t have to go on Facebook to check birthdays if you have set it up on your phone. (Reduces browsing cost). You can also set up events on your phone and they get synchronized online automatically. Isn’t that cool?
  • E-mail: you can set up as many mail accounts on your phone as much as you want, even to company e-mail setup.
  • SkyDrive: on live account setup, the SkyDrive lets you access your cloud files from anywhere in the world at any time of the day 24/7/365.
  • Setting: You get to customize your phone as you like it to be,
  • Maps: you don’t have to get lost anywhere you are. With the much-detailed maps available on the windows phone, you can go anywhere in the world and find your way around.
  • Marketplace: with well over 100,000 free apps that keep on increasing on each day count, with over 1,000,000 downloads in a week. You get your cool apps and games on your mobile at any time. You also get update alerts once the apps have upgrades available.
  • Music and Video: you get to access music on your phone + over 12,000,000 songs on the Xbox music store with your Zune pass.
  • Games: you get the coolest games of all times on your phone and you also access your friends on Xbox.
  • Connectivity Solutions: You may not need mobile data as you can always connect your phone to available Wi-Fi networks around you. That isn’t all as you also have the Bluetooth connectivity compatible with numerous devices.
  • Speech: Do you always have your hands busy to hold your phone? The speech platform is there to help you command your phone. I have used it a lot of time to call, text and open apps. So cool and user friendly.
  • Office: view, edit and share your documents with Office mobile on your phone with ease. Access SkyDrive and SharePoint sites.
  • Bing: the all in one Bing search is a very awesome feature of the phone
    • You can make search just by pressing the spyglass hotkey on your phone, cool access.
    • Very fast and safe search, you even get results near your location. Tell me that’s not cool!
    • Hands busy? You can talk to search
    • You wannna scan barcodes, text or even translate from a language, the vision search is there on Bing.
    • Listening to a song and you don’t know anything about it, tap the listen icon on Bing and place your phone near the song, you get an instant result of the song’s information.

I want to tell you, Bing it! you get the best and most reliable results.

As a developer, you might wanna know that one more cool thing?

With a developer unlocked windows phone, you get to run your apps real life!

Emulators are cool to use, but I bet it with you that they ain’t as cool as testing your apps real.

I am not so a fan of others, but you might want to let me know what you think. But I say to you, getting a Windows phone is the one of the coolest tech things to do.

With the current Windows Phone 8, I bet you could do more!