Smooth Dev Saturday – SDS 006 – Software Development Fundamentals

Module 5: Desktop and Mobile Applications You’ve been watching #SmoothDevSaturday for about 4 episodes now. Maybe even re-watched some of the episodes. Thank you for following along. Episode 006 is up for this week. In this episode, I talked about desktop and mobile applications, tools and frameworks available out here for you to get started […]

Developer Seniority

Someone asked me a question on Whatsapp few days back and I thought to write about it comprehensively.

Many times, you hear: I’m a Senior Developer at this company; We’re hiring Junior Developers in this company, etc.

And you ask, what makes a developer senior, junior or lead?

The C# Developer Path

In this post, I outline the learning and skill paths available to C# Beginners and possibly links to get started. Most beginner developers ask me – hey Dara, after learning this C#, what can I do with it?