Dara Oladapo

Smooth Dev Saturdays Coming Up

Hello friends, been quite some time since I wrote – I must say I’ve been so busy and not-so-dedicated to writing. But hey, I got good news – I will be starting a new livestream series from January 2020 titled Smooth Dev Saturday. I’m doing this to actively commit to doing something fun at least once every week.

What are the things I’ll be doing on this stream?

Basically, all things dev focused that I can think of – and I need suggestions of course. I got some sections planned out – I’ll list them out.

One of the cool parts of this is that I will be doing >90% of this unscripted and unedited – that means yeah, you’ll see where I get stuck sometimes and maybe I would use your help in getting unstuck.

Topics Ideas

I’m thinking of these topics:

  • Chaotic Ride – where I do some new things I have not tried before or something I’ve not done in a very long time. Inspired by Sam Adranyi.
  • Core Dev – where I do some live coding on some of my random thoughts
  • Dev Fundamentals – talking about the fundamentals of programming not taking regard for any language (I’ll use C# for the demos of course)
  • Dev Guide – where I share my thoughts on software development, career choices, etc.
  • DevOps – where I’ll show some cool stuff in Azure DevOps

Hey, it’s still a growing idea so your opinions and thoughts are welcome. Let me know what you think. Thank you.