Saviour Okusenogu

Hello, my name is Saviour, a student of The Federal University of Technology, Akure.
I got into the school as a normal student with the aim of passing my exams and getting good grades. I never bothered myself about the world of technology until one fateful day as I browsed videos on YouTube, I saw something called the Microsoft HoloLens. I was astonished by the swift advancement in technology. The fact that science fictions are becoming reality was so exciting. I knew it all starts with knowing how to communicate with the computer.
So I decided to be part of this change in any small way. I made up my mind that I want to learn how to talk with computers. So I happened to get in touch with MSPs in my school and It was fun at first learning a programming language and understand Windows Phone development from resources I got from Microsoft Virtual Academy and Channel9, but it soon became challenging, frustrating, and intimidating, but I thought to myself, what isn’t?
So I journeyed in the world of developers. Thank God for Microsoft DreamSpark, making available for me the professional tools I need to go through all these learning.
MSDN soon became my everyday stop because of the drive to know more and more. I can boldly say that Microsoft have always had student developers in mind and have supplied awesome resources to help us achieve our goals. Try Microsoft 😃
Saviour Okusenogu

Dara is a Microsoft Certified Professional, .NET Developer with special interests in Windows, Xamarin and Azure. Dara enjoys talking about technology and development platforms. Dara’s passion is to build the next generation of technical geniuses. He studied Computer Science at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). During his time at FUTA, he was a Microsoft Student Partner and participated in numerous software competitions with his team and won the major national software competitions. Part of them is the ISPON National Software Competition, iDEA Hackathon, NICTED Software Competition amongst many others.

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