Dara Oladapo

My First NUGET Package

Hey friends, it’s been a while since you heard from me, right? Well, I’ve been up to a number of things.

  • Well, last week my Stream PC crashed so I had to ship it off for fixing. I should hopefully have it back this week – with a backup PC so we don’t miss out on Learn Wednesday and Smooth Dev Saturday anymore.

  • Let me bring you up to speed on one of them. As you know I’m a developer. “Copy and Paste” is one of those things we developers do a lot. I realized I have been doing some repetitive Copy and Paste of the same bundle of code over the last 2 years, so I decided to package that up and make it available primarily for myself and then to other developers.

I called it the HttpClientServiceHelper. Here is what it does – simplify and abstract the use of the HttpClient Service in .NET for HTTP Calls – the POST, PUT, GET, DELETE, PATCH.

You can find the NUGET package at this link and you can find the open source project on GitHub.

Let me know if you liked using it and if there’s something you’ll like me to improve on by raising issues and of course, you can do a PR to the repo!