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Blogging With Word

Hi there, I am about to do another walkthrough of my “DIY” series. This is specifically for blogger who sometimes worry about text heading etc. and how to get their posts to show up right and how they want it to look. I discovered this when I was using Microsoft Word 2013, there is a

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How do I manage this shortcut?

Many a times, people come up to me asking me to help use the antivirus software on my system to help them clear the “shortcut virus” that affects them. I say “No problem”. I have been familiar with this kind of malware since around 2011 on my HP Probook 4515s (story for another day). Back

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I am excited to announce to you the Computer Science Education Week. The Computer Science Education Week is a one-week event that celebrates the growth and increase of computer science and programming skills learnt around the world schools. Schools and tech giants are partnering with for Hour of Code. The aim of hour of

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