BUILD 2015 Experience

So, I’m gonna have to combine the rest of my time at BUILD 2015 in one post.

I’ll give an insight also to Day 1 though…

So, let’s have a BUILD Ride…

Day Zero

For almost any conference I attend out of my base, there is a day zero (my day of arrival). I guess I call it day zero because I am developer whose array base is Zero. After about 17 hours of aggregated flight time from my base in Nigeria, I landed in San Francisco at about 1pm on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at the San Francisco International Airport. Such a beautiful city to behold. Sorry, I didn’t take pictures in my way to the hotel.

I got me settled in. Got out on the street to see the city. Got me lunch at a shop by the street. Spicy Sandwich with Milk Shake.

Got a SIM card, subscribed and made some necessary calls. Met up with Shina Oyetosho (the DX Lead for Microsoft MEA). Visited the Microsoft Store and Walgreens.

I headed back to my hotel for the night in preparation for Day 1.

Day 1

I was out of my hotel as early as 7am to get on the queue for registration at Moscone West on Howard Street, San Francisco. It was some couple of minutes trek from my hotel. I found my way with the help of Maps on my Dell Venue 8 Pro. After Registration and getting a good breakfast, it was time to get in line for the Keynote Address.

First on stage was Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft to water our expectations for BUILD. Being a student developer, I was excited Satya mentioned us and what great things we are doing/

David W. Harn (an accidental developer) – I’ll call him a Geek Musician was on stage to showcase StaffPad – an app on the Surface for writing music in a convenient way. This really got me excited being a saxophonist before becoming a developer. This make music more fun and productive for composers and aspiring writers.

Up Next, we had Scott Guthre with the Intelligent Cloud.

I wouldn’t be able to give you all the gists of the keynotes, but know what? You can watch them on Channel 9.

BUT, I’m gonna give you some highlights:

  • Visual Studio Code: this is a very simple and lightweight, cross-platform, GIT-aware IDE using Visual Studio Technologies. It’s available for Windows (of course), Mac and Linux. Go to to download and get started.
  • Continuum: this is cool for someone like me with quite a number of devices. With the processing power on my phone, I don’t have to carry all my laptops and devices around. All I gotta do is enter Continuum
  • Docker: Docker is now cross-platform supported. You can run a Linux Dockerized App on Windows and vice-versa. Use the best damn tools for the best damn projects and run it on any server! That’s the point.
  • Cross-Platform Porting: now that may sound like gibberish to you. Imagine, bringing your Java and C++ code for Android to run on the Windows Platform, your iOS Objective C code to run on Windows devices. Sound impossible? NO!…It is already happening. Remember the popular Candy Crush Saga? I won’t say more than that.
  • Microsoft Azure: many things, many things. Just visit the Azure website to learn more. (or watch the keynote). Azure App Services, Enterprise Connectivity, name it!
  • Office 365 Dev Tools with Graph.
  • Windows 10: sure, Windows 10 was demoed with the latest build (as at the conference). And it was exciting seeing Microsoft Edge (formerly called Project Spartan) and all other great convergence from the no-Screen devices like the Raspberry PI to the Phones, Tablet, PC, wearable and large screens, Windows Spotlight (helping users find value on the Windows Platform). One Windows to run on all, One stop Store to get them all. One code to reach them all. This is #Dev made easy and productive!
  • Hololens: You won’t imagine the amazing capabilities of the Hololens. A lot of possibilities for development with the Hololens fellaz. Can’t wait for the commercial release to lay my hands on it.
  • And there were lots of demos

There were many thing to announce, 3 hours ain’t just enough to show them all!

After the keynote we sessions on different interest. The Microsoft Band got my interest, so I attended a session on that and also the session on Windows Design.

Meeting with Satya Nadella

For us students, we got a meeting with Satya!

100 of us student developers that made it to BUILD attended a 30 min Q & A session with Satya, accompanied by Steve Guggenheimer. Well, not all questions got to be asked. It was great fun chatting with Satya and catching a group selfie with him.

Day 2

Day 2 was more SHOW than day 1. Keeping it close to the dev side of things.

Keynote kick started with Steve Guggenheimer and John Shewchuk. We had lots of talk around Azure Machine Learning, Taking advantage of multiple screens sizes with the Universal Windows Platform Application Development, Integrating existing Android and iOS codebase into Windows App Dev.

It looked so long that Microsoft was losing its tracks on stuff. Watch it!… Microsoft never backs out. They are back and better with more innovations and developer focus. And the developers gets the hearts of the consumers with amazing products, apps and services.

I attended the sessions I chose to. You can view the session videos now on Channel9.

Day 3

There was no keynote on Day 3. IT was sessions and sessions and sessions.

I cannot list all the sessions here because of their numbers.

Do well to check on Channel 9 for the recorded sessions.

Heading Back

The conference ended 3pm on Friday May 1, 2015. Went back to my hotel after spending some time with the DX Lead from MEA. Shina Oyetosho.

Saturday, I headed back home after a very fulfilling conference and exciting experience in San Francisco. Well, that is how I was dressed for my trip back home.

Hoping to write soon on more exciting experiences and exciting stuff.

Dara is a Microsoft Certified Professional, .NET Developer with special interests in Windows, Xamarin and Azure. Dara enjoys talking about technology and development platforms. Dara’s passion is to build the next generation of technical geniuses. He studied Computer Science at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). During his time at FUTA, he was a Microsoft Student Partner and participated in numerous software competitions with his team and won the major national software competitions. Part of them is the ISPON National Software Competition, iDEA Hackathon, NICTED Software Competition amongst many others.

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