Dara Oladapo

Blogging with Microsoft Word

Hi there, I am about to do another walkthrough of my “DIY” series.

This is specifically for blogger who sometimes worry about text heading etc. and how to get their posts to show up right and how they want it to look.

I discovered this when I was using Microsoft Word 2013, there is a template called “Blog Post”.

So, what I will do is walk you through the basic and fundamental steps of getting your blog on track and feel using Microsoft Word.


First, you need to have Microsoft Office 2013 as the minimum version of office software running on your laptop/desktop/tablet. Not quite sure that feature has gotten to the phone side of things yet. You might want to try to use WordPress app on your Windows Phone, Android or iOS for now (if you blog with WordPress).

That said, I think we are ready to go blog-o-word

Open Microsoft Word

Select the Blog post style

The click Create

If this is your first time using the template, you might be asked if you want to set up your blogging credentials, just follow the easy-to-do instructions.

What I will do, because I have been blogging on my laptop is bring up the interface where I get to input my blogging credentials

What I do is to select WordPress from the drop-down since is the service I use for my blog, there are of course other options you can selected from that are currently supported.

I select WordPress and click on Next

Then I am asked to put in my website,

What you have to do is insert your website URL (replace the part I highlighted – leave the “/” symbol there)

Enter your WordPress login details and OK

Everything fine, I should get a prompt that my registration was successful

Blogging the Blog

To blog is simple…

Insert your post tile in the bold black space,

Go to the wide big white area and start blogging…

When you are done, hit the publish button on the top-left hand corner.

Some interactions happen between Microsoft Word and your blog.

All this equal, your post is up when you can interact with your typing space again.

Thanks for your time.

Disclaimer: this post is me sharing my experience, it may not be the standard way of doing it. I am just a techie who loves to share my experience.