Dara Oladapo

Be known for that thing, but

Sometime last week, I got a call for a freelance gig on an Azure service based on the referral of a friend. I felt super good that my friends know me for what I do and can refer me.

But as you (or may not) know, Azure has hundreds of services and I do not think there is that one person that can know it all. That was the case for this call I received on this day – I was not an expert in this service.

So, I had to forward the reference to someone who understood that service way more than I did.

Why this story? My friends know I do Azure – a lot, of course plus coding and training. I do not know it all, but I know friends in the field who are experts in the various other services.

So, as you gain expertise in that field, make friends with others who are experts in other areas, so we can all benefit from each other.

You are becoming a good backend developer, make friends who are front end devs, WordPress developers, hosting experts, CICD specialists.

You are becoming a saxophonist, make friends with event planners, sound engineers, etc.

Be known for your skill, but also, have friends/acquaintances who are not specialists in your skills.