Dara Oladapo

Azure For Students Ramp Up

Hi there,

I want to walk you through getting your Azure for Students Activation and setting up a blog on it.

To know what this is all about, please check my last post on Azure for Students.

Shall we get started?

First Things First

To use the Azure for Student Offer, you need to have a Microsoft Account.

Why? Would you give me unlimited access to your resources if I fail to associate with you?

It is quite easy to get a Microsoft account. Simply go to http://live.com and click Sign Up (if you have an account already, simply sign in)

After clicking Sign Up, you will be directed here

Fill in all info required and enter the captcha (to be sure you are not a robot)

When you are done, click CREATE ACCOUNT. As simple as that and you are all set to go.

And Next Step

Go to http://dreamspark.com/student

You are welcome with this beautiful screen.

Click on Sign in (If you are logged in, you see the following screen, if not-you just have to sign in)

Then you continue to verify your account

Next you have to verify that your data is correct

And Verify your student status…

Select “I have a Dreamspark Verification Code” and enter the code in the card you were given or sent to you by a Microsoft Rep or a Microsoft Student Rep in your school (if not, you can try to contact me and I’ll see if I can link you up with one – Cool?)

After you click verify, your request starts processing…

And then, you get verififed.

And you are set to go…

Now Set

On “SOFTWARE CATALOGs”, you see different super cool products you have access to for free. (Will talk about them in subsequent posts)

Under Servers and Applications, you see “Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark”

Select that and you see the following…

Click “Register Now” …

The Cool Stuff Now

Shall we get started…

You are welcome with the following screen after completing the previous steps.

Next step is to verify your details

Make sure you put in the correct phone number because a code will be sent to you via SMS

Type in the code and verify and then you are ready to get on with the sweet world of Microsoft Azure for Students

For some seconds, you will see this…

And then this…

While you wait, I advise you watch the video there.

When all is set up for you, click on “Start Managing My Service”

This is your PORTAL where you access all Azure for Student has to offer you

Let’s Get It ON!

Click on New

Then select Web + Mobile

The you select See All

You thereafter search for WordPress and select WORDPRESS

And click on CREATE

Make sure you accept the ClearDB Legal Terms. Once you click OK on that Dialog that comes to you, you are set to get started with your WordPress website.

Deploying the WordPress site is the bext thing you will sese. You might want to go take a cup of coffee at this point or grab a can of coke…

After some couple of minutes, the deployment is complete and you are sent to go on setting up your blog/site (as you wish to customize it)

Click on the URL(link) of the site you just created to install WordPress on your new site.


You are now set to login to you wordpress site.

Once you are successfully logged in, you see your WordPress dashboard.

To subsequently login to your dashboard, go to http://yoursite.azurewebsites.net/wp-admin

for example if the name if my site is geek I will go to http://geek.azurewebsites.net/wp-admin

and i will login to manage my site.

I guess you were able to follow along quite well and easily. If you have questions, you can drop a comment.