DevSecOps – What is it all about?

When you start thinking about security from the onset, your coding style, testing, deployment tasks become fool proof and you would experience less incidents from attacks.

DevOps for Organizations

Illustration showing stages in a DevOps toolchain

It is no doubt that software and computers have come to be part of our everyday lives. There is an ever growing need to develop quality, efficient and robust solutions every day to meet the growing needs of customers.

To develop quality software that users love, there is the need to be agile and responsive to users’ feedback and support requests. Some of this responsiveness could be proactive or reactive.

My first MVP Award

MVP Award on desk picture

The Microsoft MVP Award looks to find individuals who make active contribution to the community of the technology they use every day. Let me paint it this way – I am a programmer who loves C#, I teach C#, I make videos and blog posts about C#, I contribute to C# docs, forums and events, I give conference talks on C#, Microsoft or another MVP sees the things I do and recommends me for the award.

Full stack .NET Development Guide

Many folks have been asking me why I remain a .NET Developer with all buzz and popularity around other ecosystems, languages, and frameworks especially among my peers. My answer to them is and has remained that .NET is a pretty solid ecosystem and well so far, have not failed me yet.

28 things I’ve learnt at 28

There’s a lot that I’ve been through over those years and learnt and had good memories and some not-so-good ones. This year especially has changed my perspective on a lot of things about life, love, friendships, growth, work, and lots more.