Dara Oladapo

A 3-W Coder’s Journey

I can remember quite a bit when I decided to start learning to code in late 2010. It sounded quite fun to me. All I wanted to do since 2007 was just sit at the computers (as much as I could find) and explore anything I could lay my clicks on. It was fun for me saving up part of my daily allowance to go to the cyber-café to source for information I really don’t know about. I would save all I could on my small 1.45MB 3.5″ diskette and run home happy so see the pages I had saved from the cyber-café.

Along the line I came across some software that taught me how to type like Typing Master 2000, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing -MBTT (I started with version 13). I didn’t grow up around quite a lot of gadgets but anything I wanted to pop-open, my parents let me (after I had already popped ’em open of course).

Around the end of my lessons with MBTT, I came across a lesson to create a webpage, well I followed the instructions and wrote my first web page. Some couple of months later, I decided in my mind to study Computer Science after Secondary School (High School). Few months before my resumption to the University in 2010, I got a Nokia 6210c where I downloaded things of all kinds. I don’t know if I was the only teen in Nigeria then that knew about Wattpad, that was a really cool learning app on a phone. I got me some programming books on it – though I didn’t read them – well, I don’t know what really got me unserious about them.

I came across a friend called Daniel in my first year in school who also love tinkering with computers. He became my friend and visited me in the hostel. After some discussion, he told me about Visual Studio. Everything curios me did was to copy the setup from his laptop to mine and install.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about the laptop I was using back then. Now don’t laugh at me. Here is a profile of my first laptop.

Name: HP Probook 4515s

RAM: 1GB DDR2 (I didn’t know what that meant back then)

Hard Disk: 160GB SATA (I can’t remember the RPM)

Processor: AMD Semprom SI-42 (I guess I’m right about that)

Size: 15.6″ diagonal display

Display: 1366×768 (Can’t remember the VGA Driver Name)

What funny story do you have to share about your developer life?