Dara Oladapo

10 Years a Saxophonist

Last year November made it 10 years since I have been playing the saxophone.

It was more like a stroke of luck for me starting to play. I remember my brother (Olusesan) coming home that Sunday in August 2009 and telling me “Dara, we just got a saxophone in church, would you like to play”. I had been playing the recorder for about 2 years (self-taught) then and had no clue how to play the saxophone. The following Monday, I enrolled in a music school (Tonic Solfa Music School).

Figure 1 First Sunday 2010

In November 2009 for the first time, I held the Premier England Tenor Saxophone.

Figure 2: Ifeoluwa – My Alto Saxophone

2 years after, I got my Alto Saxophone that I play for about 6 years.

Figure 4: Praise – My Soprano Saxophone

November 2016, I got my Soprano Saxophone (just for the purpose of doing one of the things I saw Kenny G do in this song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHONFub5MPM – it’s embedded somewhere at the end). I just told my wife this morning and she can’t wait.

I’ve been blessed to play alongside some of the best musicians: my blood brothers – Olusesan and Israel and my other brothers and sisters – John, Iretole, IyinOluwa, Iyanuoluwa, Oluwatosin, Moses Fayomi (True Moses), Dunsin Fatuase, Sam Omodiji, Akin Akinbuwa. I really cannot mention all.

I was just reflecting this afternoon on some of things I’ll love to do more of this year and ministering with my saxophone is surely one of them. I thought to share a few of my videos over the last couple of years with you. Be blessed.